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AP English 12 

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From this page, you can download or connect to pages or documents that are used in our AP English 12 program.  Files are generally saved in either .doc or .docx format, which are openable by Microsoft Word.  Files in .rtf format can be opened using any computer system.  Files that are .ppt are PowerPoint files, and generally require the lastest edition of PowerPoint to operate correctly.  Files ending in .pdf are Adobe PDF files, and can be opened using the free Adobe Reader available online.


Updated Monday, 9/19

Monday, 9/19

  • Graduation Exam - Late Arrival

Tuesday, 9/20

  • Graduation Exam - Late Arrival

Wednesday, 9/21

  • Poetry Introduction
  • HWK:  Two TPFASTTs (packet)

Thursday, 9/22

  • TPFASTTs due - Review and discussion
  • Continue introduction
  • HWK:  Two TPFASTTs

Friday, 9/23

  • Poetry introduction - final notes on analysis
  • Poetry 180 assignment - due 11/4

Next Week   9/26 - 9/30

Monday: Oedipus Rex introduction
Tuesday:  Oedipus Rex - Prologue and Act I / Tragic Hero
Wednesday: Oedipus Rex - Acts II and III / Structure
Thursday: Oedipus Rex final discussion - Acts IV and V
Friday: Continue final discussion - Redemption?



These files include class expectations, release forms to be signed by parents, and general materials that are used throughout the course, such as the QOE/GV grading rubric.

  AP English 12 Expectations.ppt (Powerpoint)  Parent/Student Signature Form.doc

 QOEGV Student Essay Response - AP.doc

 The Twelve Stages of the Journey.doc

Archetypes and Symbols 12.doc All But My Life Argument Sheet



These files include materials for projects like the Passage Collection Assignment, Poetry 180 Assignment, Mini-Tutorials, and Open-Ended Essay Prompts.

 Passage Collection Assignment.doc  TP-FASTT Outline Form
Open-Ended Essay Questions.doc

 Poetry 180 Assignment

 Prose Analysis Essay Introduction (Powerpoint)
Mini-Tutorial Paper Assignment.doc Poetic Terms Glossary



These files include materials specific to a particular unit.  The unit title is at the top of each set of files.

Beowulf and the Anglo-Saxon Era The Canterbury Tales and the Middle Ages Visions of Hell: Milton and Dante Hamlet and the Renaissance Wuthering Heights and the Gothic
Grendel connection to meaning.docx

 Assignment from Hell.doc

 Freytag's Dramatic Pyramid  Wuthering Heights Scored Discussion 1.doc
 Wanderer-Seafarer COMPARISON CHART.doc
 Hamlet Act III Discussion Guide.doc Wuthering Heights Scored Discussion Guide 2.docx
 Staging and the Drama.ppt Wuthering Heights Scored Discussion Guide 3.doc
John Donne and the Metaphysical Poets
 Existentialism and Kafka's Metamorphosis
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Get-R-Donne Creative Assignment Existentialism PowerPoint.pptx Portrait and Modernism PowerPoint.pptx



These files include documents or handouts that are non-specific to a particular assignment, but may be helpful to the student in general.



Open-Ended Essay Questions.doc

A Glossary of Rhetorical Devices

Handbook of Rhetorical Devices.
 MB Ampers Sample Poetry Response Essay - Marlowe v Donne.docx A Glossary of Literary Theory
 A+ Essay guide.doc Literary Terms and Definitions
How to Read Lit Like a Professor.docx

Poetic Terms