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Parent Letter
Suggestions for Success
Chemistry Syllabus
Mole Day Information
Unit 1 Measurement
Unit 2 The Atom
Unit 3 Arrangement of Electrons
Unit 4 The Periodic Law 2010
Unit 5 Chemical Bonding
Unit 6 Nomenclature
Unit 7 Chemical Formulas
Unit 8 Chemical RXNs
Fall EXAM Review
Unit 9 Stoichiometry
Chemistry Syllabus 

  Chemistry Skills Agenda

Hoover High School 2011 – 2012

Scarlett Kelley

Tentative Schedule for Achieving Chemistry Objectives:

  • 1st nine weeks – Chapters- 1& 2- Nature of Matter & Measurement, 3& 21- Atomic Structure & Nuclear Chemistry,   4- Electron Configuration                               
  •       5- The periodic Law            6- Chemical Bonding
  •  2ndnine weeks – Chapters   7- Writing Formulas & Compounds    8-Writing Equations      9- Stoichiometry
  • 3rd nine weeks – Chapters 10- States of Matter   11- Gases      12- Solutions 
  •  4th nine weeks13- Colligative Properties  Chapters 14- Acids and Bases   15-Acid Base Titration  22- Organic & selected topics 

Classroom Expectations:

  1. Be respectful and Ready to work!!
  2. Be prepared and Ready to work!!!
  3. Be prompt and Ready to work!!
  4.  Follow all rules of the student handbook.


1.     3-ring binder with pockets & loose leaf paper.  Will place lab manual in this binder also.

2.     Pens (red), pencils (mechanical), highlighters.

3.     Non-graphing Scientific calculator:  Suggestions:  TI-30XIIS  Please no CASIO calculators! 


     All grades will be based on a percentage system.  Seventy percent (70%) of the nine weeks grade will be earned on major tests and quizzes, fifteen percent (15%) on projects, homework and class work and fifteen percent (15%) on laboratory work

Last Notes:

The chemistry course, as described by the Hoover High School Course Selection Guide, has as its objective “to fully prepare a student for further Chemistry study at the college level”. Considerable emphasis is placed on mathematical problem solving and critical thinking.  The language of Chemistry is math. Success comes when students diligently complete assignments, ask questions, and do not get behind.  If students do not practice calculations even for a short period of time, frustration occurs.  Improving problem solving is one of our main objectives this year.  Therefore, homework will be checked regularly to enhance this skill, so make homework a HABIT!  Homework is always due at the beginning of class and all work must be shown for calculations. NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN FOR ANSWERS ONLY.  Neatness counts!

      Remember, Chemistry is sequential.  Knowledge builds on previous knowledge.  My best advice to students is to pay attention in class, study daily, utilize the enhancement room as much as possible and do not get behind. 

     I will be available by appointment in my room for individual assistance, if needed.  You may reach my voice mail by calling 439 – 1200; however, my preferred and quickest contact method is e-mail:  Please, do not hesitate to communicate with me throughout the year.  I look forward to working with your child.


   Safety Contract and Grading Policy 

     Each lab will consist of two grades based on participation and data analysis.  Participation will count 10 points and data analysis will count 20 points.  Student must be dressed appropriately to enter the laboratory and must abide by the regulations of the Hoover High School lab safety contract.  (See Below)

Policy for excused missed labs

     Students who have an excused absence from school will not receive a zero for participation, but will be required to obtain the data and will be expected to complete the data analysis in a timely manner set forth by the teacher.

Policy for unexcused missed labs including: 

Students who are unprepared for lab due to inappropriate / unsafe dress code

     First offense:  Students will receive a zero for participation but will be responsible for obtaining the data and should complete the data analysis on time.  The student will be assigned to a safe area during the lab in order to observe the laboratory experiment.  

     Second offense:  Students will receive a zero for both participation and data analysis and will be referred to the grade level administrator.

Laboratory Safety Contract Hoover High School Science Department

Activation of any emergency equipment (eye wash / shower / fire blanket/etc.) without a REAL emergency occurring is considered the same as pulling a false fire alarm. Immediate action will be taken.

All school CODE OF CONDUCT rules will be enforced in the laboratory.

While performing a Lab Activity, I will....

____ 1.    ALWAYS know the location of safety and first aid equipment including: fire extinguisher,  

              eye wash, safety shower, fire blanket, and first aid kit.

____ 2.    ALWAYS conduct myself in a responsible manner at all times in the 'laboratory.

____ 3.    ALWAYS wear aprons and splash goggles when instructed to do so by the teacher or lab 


____ 4.    ALWAYS report any accident, incident, or unsafe situation to the teacher.

____ 5.    ALWAYS read labels and instructions carefully.

____ 6.    ALWAYS follow all instructions given by the teacher, and only make changes as instructed by the teacher. Listen to changes carefully!

____ 7.    ALWAYS wear appropriate clothing for the lab.  No flesh showing below the waste, No sandals or exposed toes/feet will be allowed on lab days. 


While performing a Lab Activity, I will....

____ 1.    NEVER place others or myself in danger by acting inappropriately.

____ 2.    NEVER touch, taste, or smell any substance without teacher permission.

____ 3.    NEVER eat, drink, or chew gum in lab.

____ 4.    NEVER conduct unauthorized activities. Stick with the script

____ 5.    NEVER handle broken glass with your hands. Dispose of broken glass in appropriate broken glass disposal containers. Check glassware for cracks before starting all procedures.

____ 1.    Avoid electrical shock by:

                   a.  ALWAYS pulling the plug and not the wire when disconnecting power cords.

                   b.  ALWAYS keeping work areas, hands, and feet dry when working with electrical apparatus.

                   c.  NEVER  place unauthorized objects in outlets.

____ 2.    ALWAYS aim open test tubes away from yourself and other students.

____ 3.    NEVER look down into a test tube containing any substance.

____ 5.    ALWAYS clean up work area before leaving the laboratory and wash hands thoroughly.