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IB English 11
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Semester 1 Literature
Semester 2 Literature
Pre-IB English 9


Semester 1 Literature: IB World Literature

Gerda Weissmann Klein's All But My Life (One School, One Book)
and Warren St. John's Outcasts United
Please email me if you have questions on summer reading.


general handouts:  devices of sense and sound, Approaching Unseen Texts,  TP-FASTT chart, Notes on Formalism
other helpful resources: Literary Terms Glossary 

Introduction to poetry with Picasso's The Old Guitarist
and two translations of Lorca's "The Guitar" :
Bly translation and Trapier translation

 Writing assignment on Two Translations of “The Guitar”
Complete TPFASTT for each English translation (Bly and Trapier)
Use the comparative graphic organizer to analyze common literary features in these translations. Write one well-developed paragraph comparing ONE feature used in the two translations of “The Guitar.”   You must include specific, quoted examples from the translations – referring to the translator and the line number.  For example: (Trapier line 2).  Paragraph must have original title and must be typed according to MLA guidelines.  Attach completed graphic organizer and completed TPFASTTs to the back of your paragraph.

 The Poetry of Wislawa Szymborska
have a copy of Poems New and Collected by Friday 8/26/11;  on sale at the Buc Stop for $17

Background information on Szymborska
NOBEL PRIZE Bio-Bibliography on Wislawa Szymborska.mht 
want to see her poems in Polish? 
check out this link.
"Wisława Szymborska: Poetry and Politics"  By Rigoberto González
A Polish band wrote a song based on her poem "Nothing Twice," and her influence also extends to .band Closer Ocean inspired by Szymborska poems
NPR:  Szymborska
List of Szymborska's poems we will be using this year  
Szymborska's poem about September 11th   
emorization / recitation assignment   

Throughout the year we will be using Thomas C. Foster's How To Read Literature Like a Professor.

you need a copy of this book by Monday 10/24/11

certain chapters of How to Read Literature Like a Professor are available through this link to Google books 


  A Doll House by Henrik Ibsen translated by Rolf Fjelde in the collection : Henrik Ibsen’s  Four Major Plays Volume 1 Signet Classics Edition Classics Edition.  ISBN: 978-0-451-53022-6

Friday 10/14/11: Reading Quiz and discussion on Act One
Monday 10/17/11: Act Two Quiz and Discussion
Wednesday 10/19/11: Act Three Quiz and Discussion

Interactive Oral assignment  ; IO Rubric

Reflective Statement Prompt:   How was your understanding of cultural / contextual considerations of the work developed through the interactive oral?  (300-400 words)
 Reflection #1: due Monday 11/7/11 and Reflection #2 on Tuesday 11/8/11

Online copy of play: 

Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood
by Marjane Satrapi

copies are available from Mrs. Hamley for $5. Purchase your copy by Wednesday 11/9/11

link to rationale for this novel


RESOURCES FOR INTERACTIVE ORALS  In addition to these resources listed below and in addition to using the Alabama Virtual Library, I have talked to Mrs. Camp in the media center; she has pulled some books onto a cart for you to check out and use for your research.

Graphic Novel Resources:
The Post-Modern Novel; Comics in Education ; Comics in the Classroom;
Graphic Novel Template; Storyboard Template

Historical Resources: 
Iran-Persepolis time line -- details from the novel are interspersed with a timeline of history
Iran Chamber Society; Culture of Iran;  -- these sites have lots of information on all sorts of historical topics
BBC Timeline

Clip from movie and questions about Historical Context

"Persepolis and Ancient Iran" ; "Persepolis";   "Virtual Reconstruction of Persepolis"
Upfront Magazine "1979 Islamic Revolution" ;  BBC: Shah Flees into Exile

New York Times Archives "A Million Marchers"

NPR: Iranian Revolution

BBC News in Pictures -- Iran Hostage CrisisPBS -- Hostage Crisis
Iran - Iraq War; BBC News Iran-Iraq War

Biographical Resources: general biographic information;  New York Times Article "I Must Go Home to Iran Again" ; "On Writing Persepolis"; NPR Interview

NPR: Interview with Satrapi upon opening of movie; "The Exile" An Interview
Cinema Context for Persepolis; Animation and Adapation
At the end of the unit, we will be completing clip activity 1 and using film production notes for discussion.

website about the movie -- note that the movie is on the complete novel, while we are only reading Part 1: The Story of a Childhood



 World Literature Paper:

Final World Literature Paper due date:  to be announced  
*Remember that this final paper IS your first semester exam for IB English 11