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DRESS CODE per HCS Student Code of Conduct 2010-11

The Hoover City Board of Education recognizes the effect which student dress and grooming have upon student behavior and commitment to learning. It further recognizes the role of parents in assisting their children in making appropriate choices regarding clothing, accessories, and personal appearance. In order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning, the Board requires that all students exercise good taste with regard to their personal appearance. Attire considered disruptive or that seriously distracts from the learning environment or that could present a health or safety problem is not appropriate.

With this in mind, the following rules concerning dress and grooming are mandatory for all students attending Hoover City Schools. Students who fail to follow these rules will be subject to disciplinary action.

1. Any clothing, appearance, or personal hygiene and grooming practices that draw an inordinate amount of attention to the individual student are considered inappropriate for school. The dress and/or grooming style of any student must not interfere with the educational process of any Hoover City School.

2. Students are to wear clothing in the manner it was designed to be worn, i.e., clothing worn backward or inside-out, suspenders undone, are not allowed. Specifically, pants, worn too low (low riders), too long, or excessively large clothing are not permitted.

3. Students are not to wear clothing that reveals the body in an inappropriate manner. (Examples: clothing which is too tight, too short, bare at the midriff, bare at the sides, sun dresses, "spaghetti strap" type tops, and off- the-shoulder tops, low-cut front or back tops, sheer or see-through clothing, etc.). Undergarments should be worn in an appropriate manner and should not be visible.

4. All clothes should be in a state of good repair.

*5. Students may wear shorts to school under the following stipulations: Shorts must be hemmed. Old worn/torn, or other type cut-offs, athletic (gym), umbro" or other nylon type, spandex, sweat type, tennis, or swim suit type shorts are not allowed.

*6. Length of shorts, dresses, skirts, etc., is required to be at least mid-thigh in front and back or 5 inches from mid-knee. Length must be appropriate whether the student is standing or sitting. Long T-shirts are not allowed.

7. Students are not to wear jewelry, ornaments, or accessories which distract from the learning environment; excessively noisy jewelry and/or belts. Males may not wear earrings. Facial and/or tongue jewelry is not allowed for males and females. No decorative dental appliances (whether permanent or temporary) or decorative contact lenses will be allowed.

8. T-shirts or any other type clothing or personal item bearing a reference to alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, drugs, drug-related slogans, and/or any other wording, drawing, pictures, etc., which in any way can be interpreted as being "off-color," suggestive, obscene, or offensive, or relating to, death, the occult, Satanism, etc. are not permitted.

9. Clothing and/or accessories which are disruptive or distracting to the learning environment or which identifies a student as being a member of a gang or any subversive or unlawful organization will be not be allowed.

*10. Tops, blouses, shirts, and coordinated outfits may be worn "untucked" if bottom of shirt does not go below bottom opening of side pants pocket.

11. During the school day, students are not to wear or carry caps, hats, bandannas, sunglasses, or other headwear.

12. Outerwear (coats, gloves, etc.) are not to be worn in the building during normal school time (unless temperature or individual medical problems dictate this to be appropriate).

13. All students are required to wear their hair in such a manner that it is not considered unkempt, unclean, or impairing vision. Students are not to wear hair dyed in unusual colors, spiked hair, shaven head areas (including eyebrows), shaven head patterns (numbers, names, symbols, designs, etc.).

14. Students are not to wear extreme facial make-up.

15. Students are not to wear heavy metal chains, metal spiked apparel, or accessories, etc.

16. Students are required to wear appropriate shoes to school at all times. Boots with chains, steel toes, or other metal reinforcement or decorations are not allowed.

17. Cheerleader, dance team, etc., uniforms are not to be worn to class (middle school only).

*18. Gym style sweat pants are not to be worn except in physical education. (Sweatshirts are allowed.) Nylon warm-up suits that are loose fitting are acceptable.

19. Clothing & accessories designed for concealment is prohibited. Such items may include but not limited to, knives imbedded in belt buckles, flasks hidden in shoes.


(1) The privileges offered under the school Dress Code may be withdrawn from any student who fails to meet the Code of Conduct in general.

(2) Students who violate the rules and/or intent of the Dress Code will be subject to consequences as well as having privileges allowed under the Dress Code withdrawn.

 (3) If any aspect of the Dress Code becomes a consistent problem, appropriate adjustments will be made by the administration to address the situation. For instance, if students consistently fail to meet the guidelines under which they are allowed to wear shorts to school, then that privilege can be revoked for all students.

*These items will have variances for grades K-3 which are appropriate to students in this age range.